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Life Cycle Toolkit Batch scripts failing to execute


Affects Life Cycle Toolkit custom scripts configured to run a batch script (.bat).  The batch script is copied to the intended host, but fails to execute.


The script attempts to execute in the guest OS but never completes. The result of this behavior is increased builds times (around 30 minutes) while the workflow waits for the script to execute in the guest OS.


In the Debug Logs on the "SovLabs_LC_EBS_MachineProvsioned_PRE_#_workflow" will have the following code block repeated

"Waiting for the process to finish running. (C:\Windows\Temp\sovlabs.script.#.bat)"

Eventually the workflow appears to be completed  successfully but the script fails to execute and the output is


In the Guest OS the batch script is copied to C:\Windows\Temp\sovlabs.script.#.bat.

In the Guest OS a command prompt is running using the Service Account used for the LCT script configuration. (see image below)

Affected Versions

  • All SovLabs versions previous to 2019.18.0.


Upgrade to the current SovLabs plugin (2019.18.0 or later) if currently on an older version of the plugin.  There is no other workaround for this issue.

Plugin Upgrade Process

  1. Create a Support Request at:
  2. Follow the standard plugin upgrade process using the latest version provided by SovLabs Support.

Additional information

Follow the standard plugin upgrade process here:

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