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Enable enhanced logging in vRO


This how to will cover enabling enhanced SovLabs module logging in vRO so that you can capture logs for your workflows in more detail. 


  • Have licensed SovLabs modules

  • Enhanced logging applies to SovLabs module logging, not general vRO logging


Enabling enhanced logging in vRO

SovLabs provides an option to generate enhanced logging in vRO to capture extra information that can help with diagnosing issues.  This can be enabled through the HTML Orchestrator client  or through the Legacy Java Client.  We will walk through both ways.

Increasing log rotation size (Optional)

  1. Log into your vRO Control Center (Address would be like https://<vroFQDN>:8283/vco-controlcenter/config/login.html)

  2. Under Log click on Configure Logs

  3. Amend the Max file size (MB) from the default value (5) to a larger value.  This can be changed back after you have completed your logging
    Click on Save

  4. Once saved you will see a green bar saying "Saved successfully"

  5. You can now log out.

Enabling enhanced logging through the HTML Orchestrator Client

  1. Log into your Orchestrator client (Address is usually like https://<vROFQDN>:8283/vco-controlcenter/client/

  2. On the left menu, click on Workflows

  3. Under workflows, search for Logging

  4. Look for the Workflow called Enable SovLabs Logging and click on Run

  5. You will see the next screen and under General you will see the workflow has a status of Completed

  6. To disabled enhanced logging, simply select the Disable SovLabs Logging and run this workflow to disable.

Enabling enhanced logging through the Legacy Orchestrator Client

  1. Log into your Legacy Orchestrator client

  2. Click on Workflows then navigate through to SovLabs → vRA Utilities → LogControl → Enable SovLabs Logging

  3. Right click and select Start Workflow.

  4. Once run you can click on the workflow run and click on Logs. You will now see the log says verbose:true which means it is enabled

  5. To disable enhanced logging, simply select the Disable SovLabs Logging and run this workflow to disable.

NOTE: Enhanced logging comes up as disabled when vRO service vco-server is restarted or if the appliance is rebooted.

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